GED Online

DCS GED® Prep Online History

Here is a brief evolution of DCS GED® Prep Online.

DCS GED® Prep Online was created and is operated by Diversified Computer Services, a private company based in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The web site has been in operation since July 1, 2000 and was developed because we saw the need for an affordable and accessible service.

Working with adult education instructors, we initially created the DCS GED® Prep Online web site for individuals who needed to prepare for the GED® Test. From the start, we wanted to incorporate realistic GED® practice tests into our service. The site featured the ability to grade these tests online providing the student with immediate feedback. Interactive practice lessons were added to aid the student in improving in any weak areas.

A CD version was later developed to help students who did not have Internet access. The CD provided the same test grading and practice lesson capabilities as was found on the web site.

The next development was the addition of a Spanish language version of the web site and CD. The Spanish version included the Spanish language GED® practice tests. All of the practice lessons were translated into Spanish.

Site licensing for organizations has been added to allow the DCS GED® Prep Online service to be used for groups of students working from a common location. Site licensing is now available in both online and network versions.

DCS GED® Prep Online continues to evolve and is committed to address the needs of individual students and organizations. As the requirements of the GED® Test change, DCS GED® Prep Online will be updated to meet all new requirements.

DCS GED® Prep Online is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.