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DCS GED® Prep Online Testimonials from Organizations

Here are a few comments from some of our business clients.

For several years we have been looking for a program that would really benefit our students. There are plenty of places to study for the GED in English but in Spanish there is very little help.

When I first saw GEDonline it really impressed me. It is easy to use and the topics are what the students need practically to pass the tests.

In math, it goes without saying, I think that until now no other program has been designed that is so easy to use and with such good explanations and demonstrations both in general math and in algebra and geometry, Definitely a great supplement for the students.

For a year we have been using these services. We currently have more than 100 students registered in GEDonline. The students have many very good comments. However there are special cases that should be shared like that of one of our Arbuckle students who, having tried the official math test twice without being able to pass it, was a little frustrated with math... It wasn't until she dedicated some 10 hours to GEDonline specifically in the area she needed that she was able to pass the test.

Thank you.

Margarita Toledo, MaEd.
HEP Project Coordinator
Sacramento, CA


Self Improvement Opportunities (SI) purchased a site license from GEDonline. Many of our students have benefited from using the online study program. The online program is easy for students to use and allows students to work at their own pace, at a time that is convenient for them. Several SI students have received their official GED thanks to the extra help that GEDonline provides!

GREAT partnership!
Jane Combs
Self Improvement Opportunities
Aurora, CO

I have compiled data that proves that (all things being normal) if a student passes a particular subject -for instance: science--on the GEDonline test, that student will pass that particular subject on the actual GED test.
Quintin Marshall
Tri_County Urban League
Peoria, IL

Working with GEDonline is proving to produce great results with our youth. Those youth that apply themselves to working hard in this program are having no difficulty and getting great scores on their pre-tests and then the actual GED Exam. This program has great flexibility tailored to work with a person’s individual learning style. Would highly recommend for anyone wanting good preparation for their GED.
Rick Johnson
Youth Opportunity Center
Muncie, IN

Some additional organizations using DCS GED® Prep Online services include:
Chickasaw Nation Education Services

Dobie Primary School

Unemployed Help Centre of Windsor


Colusa One-Stop

Baptist General Convention

Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe

GOAL Academy

Steuben County Literacy Coalition